Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Welcome to our newly-posted blog, which replaces our Guestpage. This new blog is a liberating birthday present to myself, after a mighty fine first year of “launching” my book throughout Virginia. Pete & I traveled the state with an array of unorthodox signings at Wine Tasting Events and spay/neuter fund-raisers for SPCAs & animal shelters (see the Calendar/Events link to review upcoming signings and review those from 2006.) As The Kokopelli Journals grows, so do my plans to increase support of spay/neuter awareness & for fund-raisers for the same. We even made a two-week tour of Santa Fe & Taos, in September of 2006, for signings (one at the Santa Fe Humane Society) & to celebrate our 30th.
Dingo – later to become Kokopelli, “Mischief-maker of the west” –
found in Monument Valley, September 30th, 2001
“Laura ‘Louise’ & the pup”… Today, Laura & Pelli
at home, happy & bonded like glue.

I am closing down our controversial Guestpage with mixed feelings. Many friends & readers logged on & added their unabridged comments – which warmed our hearts no end – & gave this challenging journey of writing & publishing my first book a rounded perspective, from many points of view. But alas, all good things must end. Some create; others destroy. While we received many a thoughtful & caring comment, we were swallowed alive by continual & tasteless spamming from the bored souls “out there” with very little lives of their own (that we could tell…). So, in Kokopelli’s spritely spirit, we created a solution… Please feel free to add your own comments on this blog – knowing they will be reviewed before posting – and revisit us for continual updates. If you would like to review a variety of musings that other readers have made, please go to our Testimonials page & scroll on down to your heart’s content.